Monday, March 8, 2010

Vent Fort

After writing a pretty lengthy blog my sweet internet connection failed and lost the blog. Awesome! So here is the quick version.
My camera broke soon after my visitors left. Bummer. Trying to find a new one, but my internet won't stay on long enough to do anything. Hope to have updated pics up soon.
The weather has been snowy and windy. Mostly windy lately. Yesterday we had a big wind event and the snow turned pretty hard. More snow in the forecast and hopefully the wind will calm down which would help turn the snow back around.
Rogish is coming out this week and we're entered into a toboggan race for a memorial party. Supposedly there will be some beers and an ipod for entertainment. We'll keep you updated.
My nephews won their Sectional Championship on Saturday. If you know anything about Indiana basketball you know it's a big deal. Nice work fellas, keep it up!
All is good here and I'm looking forward to all the visitors arriving in the next few weeks.

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